Work with Di


I’m proof that absolutely anyone can create lasting, powerful change in their lives. 

After a challenging start to my formative years, I searched high and low trying various therapeutic pathways, striving hard to 'fix’ my life.  It was at my low point when I ‘stumbled' across the timeless information I use today as a framework in teaching and guiding my own clients. 

Now, my life's work is to support people as they peel back the layers, rediscovering themselves and igniting their passion to design a life they love, effortlessly removing roadblocks from their path.



Start creating and sustaining prosperity for yourself!

The Prosperity Project is the perfect place to find out more about Di, her work and meet clients who have experienced the results first hand. These events are free and occur monthly. Come and say 'hi' at the next event near you or join our Facebook group!


Life Abundant; How to Live a Life You Love!

Life Abundant is a practical workshop where you will be taught the proven, time tested approach on how to live a life you love, now.


Aware that something has to change? 

No matter where you find yourself, we'll meet you where you're at.

Life on the Board

In a world where everything is at our fingertips, we can find ourselves overcommitted and overwhelmed. What do you want and how can you live each day, joyfully getting the most out of it? This 1:1 workshop with Di is a tune up of the 5 major areas of your life. It's 3 hours of power towards a lifetime of joy.


Unlearn + Return

Learn to create positive and permanent transformation in every aspect of your life. Unlearn + Return is our signature program and the perfect place to start your journey. Shake off who you think you should be and return to who you are


Great Minds

Are you ready to surround yourself with a group of leaders who inspire and encourage you? Come and be supported by other established leaders who refuse to swap their dreams for fitting in. Gather over 5 intimate lunch events, held monthly in Adelaide's CBD.