Shake off who you think you should be and return to who you are.


The Unlearn and Return Method

No matter where you have come from or where you currently find yourself, the Unlearn and Return method provides you with the quickest, most effective tools that will stand the test of time to create positive and permanent transformation in every single aspect of your life.


This program is for you if: 

  • You are stuck in a job you hate or in a relationship that is no longer working
  • You are trying to improve your life through different self-help and coaching programs, therapies, routines, jobs, and relationships, but not seeing the deep, lasting change you are yearning for
  • You feel lost under layers of mother, daughter, son, father, employee, and no longer sure who the real you is or what you want
  • You are scared to change but you know that life cannot continue as it is
  • You are clear on what you don’t want from life, but less clear on what you DO want
  • You feel that there must be more to life than this and that there is more IN you than what you’re living

    These are all positive, powerful signs that you are ready for change. The truth is, your pain is a message, your dreams are your power - and you are your own solution. You just have to start.

Everything you want, wants you...


Drawing on the work of transformational greats such as Bob Proctor, Mary Morrisey, Thomas Troward and Joe Dispenza, Unlearn and Return is a proven, timeless system for radically and permanently transforming lives. The truth is that every single thing which you desire has been put in you by life: the reason you desire these things so strongly is because they are a fundamental part of who you are and what you are here to express.

All you need to do is get out of the way and let these things come to be. By learning how to harness the incredible power that already lies within you, you will radically change your life for the better - and, while I know you might not be able to picture it just yet, it will happen a hundred times more quickly and more easily than you could ever imagine.

"The opportunities for human growth are limitless. No one is so lost, or in so deep, or so late, that they can’t transform their life."

- Di

Meet Di Russell, creator and founder of the Unlearn and Return Method...


Di is a world-renowned Success Coach and Mindset Specialist with more than 25 years’ experience in the field of personal and professional development. She has worked closely with Bob Proctor at his home in Canada, and is a student of quantum physics as well as the teachings of Thomas Troward, Mary Morrisey and Joe Dispenza.

Di is an international speaker and thought-leader based in Adelaide, South Australia.

Following a difficult childhood and early adulthood, Di spent many years exploring various therapeutic pathways and striving ever harder to ‘fix’ her life, before stumbling across the work of Bob Proctor. She realised that her own mother’s life experiences had been passed onto her, and she could see that she was also passing these patterns and behaviours onto her daughters. This realisation was Di’s motivation to do the work and turn the tide.

If you answer 'yes' to any of these questions...

  • Are you ready to feel confident and comfortable in your own skin, grow your business, have a beautiful family life, experience financial and time freedom and live KNOWING how to create that (rather than worrying about how and striving harder all the time)?
  • Are you ready to understand your true power to create a life you love, in every way?
  • Do you feel there’s more to life - are you yearning for more, but unsure how to get there?
  • Are you ready to engage with the work and transform your life, once and for all?
  • Are you ready to recharge and awaken your soul?
  • Tap into the creativity that lies dormant within you?
  • Develop, trust and follow your natural intuition?
  • Are you ready to say ‘no’ to fear, once and for all?

    Unlearn and Return is right for you.

Lasting change is easy once you know how.


The impact of this work is real. Many of our clients have experienced quantum leaps in business, attracted loving partners, found new levels of health and wellness, embarked on travel or bold new creative projects, brought long-held dreams to life, and found more rewarding and meaningful work as a result of our work together.

Often the transformation is shockingly fast and profound, after years of striving with all their might to change their lives - and wondering why nothing ever really seems to change. Within weeks, sometimes days of working together, they experience profound, rapid and lasting shifts in themselves - and the world around them - which only continue to grow and expand in their impact as time goes by.

Be the hero of your own story

As a result of our work together our clients often experience transformation at every level. Commit wholeheartedly to the process and I guarantee that you will change, and your life will too.

  • Attract enduring wealth with ease - by using the same methods that the world’s most successful people use
  • Experience first-hand the abundance, inner peace, creativity and joy that comes from tapping into your soul’s purpose
  • Create deep, full-hearted relationships with conscious, positive people
  • Shed all the old, heavy feelings of fear, worry and self-doubt - the ones which have been holding you back from going after what you really want
  • Learn how to tap into your deep inner knowing, so you can gain clarity about your future and make decisions with open-hearted ease and unshakeable confidence
  • Shed weight effortlessly and experience true mental, emotional and physical health
  • Step fully into your life, with joy, presence and openness - every single day
  • Rediscover the abundance and joy that have been your birthright since before you were born

Profound, life-changing transformation is not just possible or probable, it is inevitable.

I absolutely know - from years of study, my own lived experience, and those of my clients - that understanding this information and integrating it into your everyday life, creates lasting, powerful change.

No matter where you currently find yourself; when you follow the time-tested process and fully engage in the practice, you will experience change in you and in the life you're experiencing.

- Di

"I want to tell the world how good it feels to be the master of my own happiness."

At the end of 2019 I hit rock bottom. I tried hypnosis, exercise and therapy but external events would zap my efforts. The first things I noticed when working with Di was the growing confidence in myself. Within 6 weeks I fit into the dress I had when I was 18. Six months later I was called out of the blue for a job interview that went so perfectly, just the way I visualised it. I just want to tell the world how amazing it feels to be the master of my own happiness.

- Sly

"This has made a huge difference to me!"

Communication has been a real issue for me all my life; at work and in my relationships. In the past I would have arguments with my partner, and we would not speak for weeks. I wouldn’t know what to say. Now, we have a disagreement and we talk it out and it’s sorted out by the end of the day.

- LW

"I can't wait to see what happens next."

Today I hit a 3 month financial goal I set for myself as take home wage from my business! I’ve currently increased my business growth by 50%. Through this program I’ve taken the time to work on my health, self confidence, beliefs, perception and learnt to love my journey and live my best life!

- Natalie


Learn to create positive and permanent transformation in every aspect of your life. Shake off who you think you should be and return to who you are

Enjoy all that’s included:

  • LIVE Online Group Calls
    Choose one of 2 weekly time slots where you will learn, interact and can ask questions. This is where you integrate what you are learning, check in and set your intentions for the next 7 days.   

  • Online Teaching – Unlearn & Return
    Access any time Di’s teaching and guidance through 12 moduals; a virtual road map from where you are to who and where you want to be.

  • LIVE online Momentum Calls 
    Register for either/both of the one hour sessions each week where Di is online to meet with you and others to assist with any area of your study and practice.

  • Additional 1:1 Laser Coaching Calls
    Want to talk directly and privately to Di?  Schedule a one on one call and keep your momentum going. 

  • Access to LIVEstreamed Daily Study.
    Study with us for 40 minutes five days a week, Monday – Friday, LIVE or recorded. Learn a powerful study structure and cultivate the powerful life-changing habit of daily study.
  • Lifetime online access to Proctor Gallagher Institute program, Thinking Into Results (TIR).
    The framework we employ is based on the lifetime work of the great Bob Proctor; this is yours to keep beyond our time together.

  • Exclusive access to our private client Facebook group.
    Community support is just gold! The opportunity to ask questions, share successes and celebrate your wins together. 

  • TIR Participant Guide Workbook (hard copy)  
  • "Think & Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill (hard copy)
  • “You Squared” by Price Pritchett (hard copy)

Take the first step to creating real and lasting change.