Three hours of power, a lifetime of joy.


Embrace your limits, embrace your life.

A healthy life, a fulfilled life. Joyful, successful, abundant, connected, prosperous. These are some of the words you might use to describe your ideal life. No matter how you describe it, this life is only achievable through balance.

If you are feeling as though you're constantly busy, juggling different commitments, trying to do it all and never truly feeling like you’re succeeding or fulfilled, it’s highly likely you are out of balance.

You can have it all, all that your heart truly desires, when you get clear about what that looks like for you.


Where you spend your time, is where you spend your life. Choose joy.

Time management is not a thing. Time cannot be managed; how you spend your time can be.

What do you really want and how can you find fulfillment in what it is you choose to spend your time on? This private workshop is a tune up in each of the five main areas of your life.

When you get the balance right, you really will be able to get more done in less time. Guilt and burnout won’t be part of the equation and you will be able to step away from one to focus on another with joy. When you aren't just getting by in survival mode you will discover a renewed sense of focus on the present task and excitement about the next thing on your schedule. 

This program is for you if: 

  •  you have forgotten the last time you took some time for yourself, guilt free
  •  you want to cultivate more joy in your life
  •  between your day to day tasks, you have a sense that there is something more meaningful you should be doing with your life
  •  you want to enhance your relationships
  •  you want to finally give your attention to the things that matter to you
  •  you want to reduce your stress and improve your health
  •  you want to be able to experience better problem solving and get familiar with your intuition
  •  you would like to feel an increased sense that you are present throughout your day 
  •  you want to live by design rather than desperation.

It's time to stop feeling as though you are failing at an agenda you were never designed to sustain.

You have a finite amount of time earth-side; 24 hours a day, 16 hours after a good nights’ sleep. By nature, you have limits; you can only actually pay attention to one task at any one given time. And it’s not just your human physical needs to allocate time for, your psychological needs are just as important.

According to play experts, play isn’t just a necessity for developing child brains, but for adult brains too! The skills you learn in play allow you to cultivate problem solving and creativity, not to mention nurturing the person your significant others fell in love with in the first place; you!

If you want to enjoy your life, burning the candle at both ends and cutting out on basic self-care is simply no longer an option.

"A solid foundation to build on."

I have very much enjoyed this deeper dive into my goals and creating a plan of action. It is always continuing to evolve and after this session, I feel like I have a solid foundation to build on. 

- Kai

"Di is gently challenging..."

Di is gently challenging and thought provoking. I have been able to make a lot of headway in my professional and personal life, and achieve practical things I did not think I was capable of.

- Cheryl

"Inspired and empowered."

Its taken a while but I’m finally facing my deepest fears. Life on the Board is one of the most fun, enlightening and valuable processes I have experienced for goal achievement in any area of life, and with Di as the guide and cheerleader I feel so inspired and empowered. 

- Joyce P

Life on the Board

Your 3 hours of Power

Whats included:

  • Life on the Board is a 3 hour workshop with Di. In this 1:1 format you will identify your real priorities and instigate practical progress.

  • Follow up calls will keep you accountable to your plan and allow space for adjustment troubleshooting.

Discover the strong sense of wellbeing in each aspect of your life; it's all about getting the balance right. Life on the Board is the difference between knowing something needs to change and doing something about it.
It's time to enjoy living, not at the expense of work, but working in a way that supports your life!

Three hours of power, a lifetime of joy.