Inspired leadership

We all start out wide-eyed, joyful and openhearted: primed to play, to connect and to create.
In the midst of the journey we can forget why we started. Lost in the weeds of adulthood and obligation, our shine dulled by exhaustion, trials and disappointments. It can happen to any of us.
Great minds is about remaining inspired as a leader. Come be supported by other established leaders who refuse to swap their dreams for fitting in.
True leaders are courageous.
Comfortable in who they are, they bring
out the best in those around them.
Strong leaders have vision.
Clearly communicating their vision,
they inspire their team to new heights.
Successful leaders employ great habits.
Continuous learning and establishing
practices for better outcomes.

Everything rises and falls on leadership.

  • Are you ready to surround yourself with a group of leaders who inspire and encourage you?
  • Are you ready to gain the confidence and knowledge that will allow you to take your business venture to the next level?
  • Are you tired of going it alone?

Great minds advance together:

  • Gather in an intimate setting of vibrant leaders over 5 lunches held monthly in the Adelaide CBD 
  • Be inspired by other leaders as they share their stories
  • Learn and apply tools to build influence using a time-tested framework
  • Support each other as you build success habits and accountability.
  • Maintain momentum over 5 monthly group Zoom check-ins
  • Invest time in a 1:1 workshop with Di so that you can enjoy living and work in a way that supports your life.
Leadership is a commitment to ongoing development.
Commit to yours now.

Di Russell
Mindset Specialist

Di Russell is a mentor, facilitator and educator who supports people in the journey of creating and sustaining a life they love. 
Di is the founder and principal of Di Live, a unique enterprise that provides education, encouragement and empowerment programs and networks for personal and professional leadership.
Di specialises in mindset and universal law. She is a certified consultant with the Proctor Gallagher Institute and is closely mentored by its co-founder, Bob Proctor.
Widowed in her early twenties with two young children, Di believes in living the fullest life possible, an experience she shares with her three adult daughters and five grandchildren.