Clarity Quizz

This quizz is for you to check up on your life now and the direction you would like it to take in future! There are no right or wrong answers.

At the end you will be emailed your answers for your own record. You may wish to come back later and complete the reflection again to compare your progress as your mindset shifts.

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To begin, we will start with gratitude.
One of the great things, gratitude does is move us from thinking with our egotistical mind to our true intuitive selves.

Going forward this exercise will help you to answer questions based on your own desires, intuition and creativity rather than the external pressures and expectations.

1. List 10 things (big or small) that you are grateful for. 

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2. Try to recall 3 moments in your life where you felt the most fulfilled.
(List them below in as much or as little detail as you wish.)

3. Now considering these memories from question 2, what was it about them that made them so fulfilling?
Write the underlying values that correspond to each memory. (For example; family, growth, justice.)

4. Below, list how you engage with each of these values on a regular basis in your life, or describe how you imagine using them in future. 

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5. What relationships do I have / would I like to have AND how much time would I like to be able to spend on them?


What impact would I like to have?

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6. If I only had one week left to live, what would I regret NOT having experienced or accomplished?

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7. If I had enough finance meaning I was no longer required to work, what would I choose to do with the rest of my life? 

How would I choose to spend each day?

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8. Do I have a plan to move towards these things I want?

Is there a time frame in which I would like to achieve these things?


I would like these things within the next 6 months but I have no plan.


I have a plan but not a time frame.


I would like these things within 2 years but I have no plan.


I have no plan or time frame.

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Did you know that 97% of people go through life obtaining the same results each year?


9. Have you tried to make changes before and been unsuccessful in creating lasting results?





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10. What do I believe is holding me back and why?

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11. If I continue to live my life as it is now, imagine how I'll feel as a ninety year-old looking back over my life.

Write these feelings down now.

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12. If I started to change my thinking and followed the desirable path I outlined in my earlier questions, how would I feel as a 90 year old, looking back over it?

Write these feelings down now.

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13. Is there a reoccurring issue/ source of discomfort in my life that I would like to resolve?

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14. Consider the amount of money you have spent on luxuries such as holidays, cars, cosmetics, nights out, etc. Am I willing to invest in my greatest asset, my mind?

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